Ultimate Comparison of Electric Steam Boiler vs Gas Steam Boiler

Electric steam boilers and gas steam boilers are essential components in industrial systems, ensuring the supply of steam necessary for various industrial processes. While many countries have access to natural gas, electric boilers have emerged as a viable alternative between electric steam boiler vs gas steam boiler, offering distinct advantages.

Electric steam boilers utilize electricity from the national grid or alternative generation systems to provide efficient heating without the combustion of gaseous fuels, distinguishing them from gas boilers. However, in this article, we will delve into the comprehensively comparison of electric steam boiler vs gas steam boiler.

  • What is Gas Steam Boiler?
  • What is Electric Steam Boiler?
  • What is The Difference of Electric Steam Boiler vs Gas Steam Boiler?
  • What Are The Pros And Cons of Electric Steam Boiler Or Gas Steam Boiler?
  • Which is Better Between Electric Steam Boiler vs Gas Steam Boiler?
Whether you seek information on affordability or environmental considerations, this article, with insights from EPCB Boiler, will guide you through the difference between electric boilers and gas steam boilers.
EPCB Boiler specializes in the industrial boiler segment mainly due to its ability to develop customized electric or gas boiler solutions and prioritize customer satisfaction. The EPCB Boiler team’s extensive expertise in designing and engineering boiler systems, as well as hands-on installation capabilities on site, allows us to develop solutions that precisely meet each customer’s unique requirements.


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difference of electric steam boiler vs gas steam boiler

1. What Is Gas Steam Boiler?

A gas steam boiler is a boiler that uses natural gas, propane, or other gases as a fuel source to heat water and produce steam. This steam is used in a variety of industrial processes, heating applications, and power generation. Usually it is a three-pass system or a two-pass system. Gas steam boilers are known for their high efficiency and reliability, making them a popular choice in many industries.

EPCB gas fired boilers are mainstream products in the market and one of the first choices for widespread use. Its high thermal efficiency, stability, safety and environmental protection characteristics have become the main reasons for customers to choose. And EPCB Boiler’s timely response to after-sales service allows customers to get timely solutions when they encounter problems during the use of industrial boilers.

2.What Is Electric Steam Boiler?

An electric steam boiler is a boiler that uses electricity as the main energy source to heat water and generate steam. Unlike gas or oil boilers, electric steam boilers do not burn fuel to generate heat. Instead, they rely on resistive heating elements or electrodes immersed in water to generate heat through electrical resistance. When electricity flows through these heating elements, they generate heat, which is transferred to the water, causing it to boil and produce steam.

EPCB electric steam boilers ensure a consistent and dependable supply of steam tailored to diverse industrial needs. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, these boilers mitigate emissions and provide a clean energy alternative for various applications. From laboratories to hospitals, food processing plants, and beyond, EPCB electric steam boilers stand as beacons of reliability and efficiency, driving progress in today’s dynamic industrial landscape.


3.What is the Difference of Electric Steam Boiler vs Gas Steam Boiler?

The difference between an electric steam boiler and a gas steam boiler lies in their energy source and the way they generate heat to produce steam. Let us take a closer look at the differences between gas steam boiler and electric steam boiler to help you solve your doubts.


3.1 Different Energy Source

The primary difference between electric steam boilers vs gas steam boilers lies in their energy sources. Electric steam boilers rely on electricity as their energy source, while gas steam boilers utilize natural gas or propane as their fuel.


3.2 Different Boiler Efficiency

Electric steam boilers generally exhibit higher efficiency ratings than gas steam boilers. This is because electric boilers can convert nearly all the electrical energy they consume into heat energy, resulting in minimal energy loss. On the other hand, gas boilers may experience some energy loss during the combustion process, which can reduce their overall efficiency.

3.3 Different Heat Generation Method Of Electric Steam Boiler vs Gas Steam Boiler?

Electric steam boilers generate heat through electrical resistance heating elements. These elements convert electrical energy into heat energy, which is then transferred to the water to produce steam. On the other hand, gas steam boilers employ a burner to combust natural gas or propane, producing a flame that heats the water and generates steam.

Gas steam boiler

  • Fuel combustion: Fuels such as natural gas or propane are burned in the boiler to produce high-temperature combustion gases.
  • Heat transfer: The heat of the combustion gases is transferred through the combustion chamber wall to the water in the water pipe.
  • Water heating: Water circulates in pipes and reaches the boiling point to produce steam after being heated.
  • Steam Generation: The generated steam is collected in a steam drum and then transported through pipes to where it is needed.

Electric Steam Boiler

  • Electric heating element: The boiler has a built-in electric heating element that generates heat energy through current heating.
  • Heat transfer: The heat energy generated by an electric heating element is transferred through direct contact with water.
  • Water heating: Water is heated to the boiling point, producing steam.
  • Steam generation: The generated steam is released directly into the steam system for supply.

3. 4 Different Environmental Impact

Electric steam boilers are considered more environmentally friendly as they produce zero emissions at the point of use. However, the overall environmental impact depends on the source of electricity generation. If electricity is derived from renewable sources, the environmental impact is further reduced. In contrast, gas steam boilers emit combustion byproducts, including greenhouse gases, contributing to air pollution and climate change.

3.5 Installation and Operation

Electric steam boilers are generally easier to install and operate compared to gas steam boilers. Electric boilers do not require a flue or chimney for exhaust gases, and they have fewer safety considerations related to fuel storage and combustion. Gas boilers, on the other hand, require proper ventilation and exhaust systems, and compliance with safety regulations regarding the storage and handling of gas fuel.

3.6 Different Cost

The cost comparison between electric and gas steam boilers depends on various factors such as the local energy costs, boiler size, and usage patterns. In some regions, electricity may be more expensive than natural gas, making gas steam boilers more cost-effective. However, the initial installation cost and maintenance requirements of gas boilers tend to be higher.
In summary, electric steam boilers and gas steam boilers differ in terms of their energy source, efficiency, heat generation method, environmental impact, installation requirements, and cost considerations. Choosing between the two depends on factors such as local energy costs, environmental considerations, and specific project requirements.
At EPCB Boiler, we are committed to providing customers with efficient, safe and reliable boiler solutions. Whether it is a gas steam boiler or an electric steam boiler, both can operate safely and stably, and are exported to more than 100 +countries. We constantly pursue technological innovation and improve product quality to meet customers’ needs for efficient energy utilization and environmental protection.
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4. What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Steam Boiler Or Gas Steam Boiler?

There are usually many doubts when purchasing and understanding electric steam boilers and gas steam boilers in the early stage. In addition to the working principles and fuel differences between the two, what are the differences in advantages and disadvantages?

4.1 Advantages Of Electric Steam Boilers:

Environmental protection:

Electric steam boilers are absolutely pollution-free and environmentally friendly boilers. Electric steam boilers use electricity as fuel. When powered by renewable energy, they can achieve true zero emissions. And the operation will be easier. Here, EPCB Boiler leads the innovative development of industrial electric boilers and is committed to providing customers with efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions.

Noiseless operation

The electric steam boiler is very silent when running. It provides users with a quiet and heating boiler solution. Compared with other fuel boilers, noise may occur during use, but electric boilers reduce noise pollution when running.

Automated control system

Electric boilers are usually equipped with highly intelligent control systems that users can operate through buttons or integrated control systems to achieve regular and constant temperature heating or hot water supply. It is also equipped with multiple safety protection functions, such as anti-leakage, anti-overvoltage, anti-overtemperature, etc., making it safer to use.
High thermal efficiency

Industrial electric boilers generally have higher thermal efficiency because they heat water directly through electricity, reducing heat loss. Electric steam boilers are typically around 99% efficient, significantly higher than the 89%-95% range of most high efficiency condensing gas fired steam boilers, reducing energy waste.

Easy to install

Electric steam boilers are easy to install and have relatively low installation costs. The electric boiler system occupies a relatively small area and does not require additional chimney and fuel storage space. The product is assembled in a complete set and is easy to install and can be put into use. Saves the cost of the installation process.

4.2 Disadvantages of Electric Steam Boilers

Although electric steam boilers have many advantages, such as environmental protection, automation, noiselessness and easy installation, their operating costs are often higher than natural gas fired steam boilers. Especially in areas with high electricity prices, the operating expenses of electric boilers may further increase, which may not be very cost-effective for some users.
For example, a 1 ton electric steam boiler consumes about 700 kilowatt hours of electricity per hour. If it is operated continuously 24 hours a day in winter, its operating costs will increase significantly.
In addition, electric steam boilers have complex structures and many main circuit boards, so they require more attention in terms of care and maintenance. Aged circuits are a potential problem that, if not repaired or replaced in a timely manner, may increase the risk of fire. Therefore, for companies that use electric steam boilers, regular maintenance work is crucial to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the boiler.
As an industry leader, EPCB Boiler continues to develop and improve boiler performance to reduce customers’ operating costs. Through technological innovation and process optimization, EPCB Boilers effectively improve the energy utilization rate of electric boilers, thereby reducing the operating costs of electric boilers and making them more competitive.
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4.3 Advantages Of Gas Steam Boilers

High efficiency and energy saving:

Gas steam boilers use gas as fuel and have efficient heating capabilities, adapting to the steam required for industrial applications or large residential buildings. The thermal efficiency is as high as over 95%, making the operating cost of gas steam boilers lower.

Safe and reliable:

Gas steam boilers are equipped with a variety of safety protection devices, such as leakage protection, overheating protection, water level protection, etc., to ensure safe use and greater stability during operation.

Fully automatic control:

Gas steam boilers are usually equipped with a fully automatic control system, which is simple to operate and maintain, reduces labor intensity, and helps companies save labor costs.

Convenient gas transportation:

In some countries, gas is more convenient to transport than electricity, does not require fuel storage, and reduces transportation costs and labor management costs.

Lower fuel costs: 

In many countries, natural gas, or other gaseous fuels, tend to be cheaper than electricity, which eliminates the need for fuel storage and reduces transportation costs, especially in cities where natural gas prices are lower.

4.4 Disadvantages of Gas Steam Boiler

Installation Complexity

There is a prerequisite when using a gas fired steam boiler, that is, the local natural gas pipeline needs to be opened. Only when the natural gas pipeline is connected can we connect the boiler. However, gas boilers cannot be used in remote areas, which will increase the complexity of the installation process.

Space Requirements

There are natural gas pipelines installed locally, indicating that we can install and use gas fired steam boilers, but combustion boilers usually require more installation space, including ventilation systems and gas pipelines, which may be limitations of smaller or narrow spaces.

Air supply is tight

After the gas fired steam boiler is debugged in accordance with the regulations, if it is a steam boiler, it needs to go to the local quality inspection department for inspection and acceptance. Only after passing the acceptance can it be operated. After the gas steam boiler can be used, the use of natural gas will be restricted when facing a tight gas supply. This will cause the gas fired steam boiler operating time to be unguaranteed and affect work efficiency.

Both gas steam boilers and electric steam boilers of EPCB Boilers have unique advantages and considerations. The choice between them depends on factors such as cost, efficiency, environmental impact, and specific application requirements. EPCB Boilers offer a range of options and expertise to help customers choose the boiler system that best suits their needs.


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5. Which One Is Better Between Electric Steam Boiler vs Gas Steam Boiler?

When you are choosing a steam boiler system for your factory or production, both electric steam boiler and gas steam boilers are viable options, but they each have different characteristics and applicable scenarios. Gas steam boilers are mainly suitable for large industrial production lines or processes that require a large amount of heat energy supply. However, gas steam boilers will produce greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide during the combustion process, which will have a certain impact on the environment.

In comparison, electric steam boilers have more advantages in energy efficiency and environmental protection. Especially when the electricity comes from renewable energy sources, electric steam boilers not only cause no carbon emissions, but also achieve efficient energy use. They usually have more precise temperature control and regulation capabilities and are suitable for delicate processes with higher temperature requirements. However, the heat output range of industrial electric boilers may be relatively low and may not be able to meet the heat energy needs of some large industrial processes.

Therefore, among the two types of industrial steam boilers, you need to choose based on the production process, heat energy demand and energy demand. If an electric steam boiler can meet production needs and uses green or alternative energy, then it is indeed an environmentally friendly and viable option. For example, using wind or solar power to power electric steam boilers not only reduces carbon emissions but also contributes to sustainable development.

In addition to electric steam boilers and gas steam boilers, EPCB Boiler, as a professional industrial boiler manufacturer, also has other industrial boilers to choose from, such as oil steam boilers, coal steam boilers, biomass steam boilers and waste heat recovery steam boiler systems, etc. These systems can convert natural resources or waste heat into thermal energy, improve energy efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and emissions. Although the initial investment cost may be higher, in the long run, they will be more suitable for your use environment or more economical.

In summary, when choosing the type of industrial boiler system that suits your needs, consider a variety of factors, including thermal energy requirements, energy efficiency, environmental protection and economic costs. EPCB Boiler can provide professional technical support and high quality after sales service, and provide detailed performance characteristics and technical parameter introduction to ensure that the designed industrial boiler system can meet your needs.

6. Conclusion

Faced with the steam source supply required by different factories, the environmental protection requirements of the country where it is located, and the local fuel supply, it is convenient to compare prices. Should you choose to use a gas steam boiler system or an electric steam boiler system? EPCB boilers provide indispensable thermal energy support for various industrial processes with their excellent product quality and reliability. As a professional industrial boiler manufacturer, the industrial steam boiler systems produced by EPCB allow every factory to use a stable boiler system.

In order to let you better choose and understand gas steam boilers and electric steam boilers, this article mainly introduces the different working principles of electric steam boilers and gas boilers; the different advantages and disadvantages, which of the two industrial steam boiler types is better; gas boilers and the cost of electric steam boilers, whether it is necessary to replace the current industrial steam boiler, etc. are elaborated on 5 aspects. I hope that through this article, you can better understand the differences between gas steam boilers and electric steam boilers, and also allow you to make a better choice that suits you. To ensure your industrial boiler system can sustain your production needs.

If you encounter any problems during the selection process of industrial steam boilers, you can contact us at any time, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional technical support and answers.

Thank you for reading.

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