Top 6 Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers Thailand

In the field of Thailand’s boiler industry, the use of water tube boilers accounts for a large proportion. The ingenious design of circulating water in the water tube boiler tubes enhances the thermal efficiency of the boiler and ensures adequate utilization of energy. Water tube boilers’ adaptability to fuel makes them indispensable to industries with plant operation needs. Let’s delve deeper into the world of water tube boilers and reveal their significance in Thai industry. The following will introduce you to several issues in detail:

  • How many types of water-tube boilers are there?
  • What Are Advantages of Water Tube Boilers?
  • What Are Water Tube Boilers Used For?
  • Top 6 water tube boiler manufacturers in .
  • How To Choose Water Tube Boiler Manufacture?

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Water Tube Boiler Suppliers Thailand

1. How Many Types of Water Tube Boilers Are There?

1.1 What Is A Water Tube Boiler?

Water tube boiler has gained popularity due to their efficient design, compact sizes, and low energy consumption. In this design, water is surrounded by heated gases from the combustion chamber or firebox. As these hot gases pass through the boiler, Water tube boiler heats the water in the tubes, generating steam to power various applications such as electricity, heating, and other power requirements.

A water tube boiler consists of four main parts: the water drum, Upper and lower drum steam drum, water tubes, furnace, and superheater or economizer. The tubes on a water tube boiler connect the two drums, allowing water to circulate by convection between them. Cooled water descends through a downcomer tube while heated water rises to the top of the boiler.

The combination of EPCB (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Boiler) reflects the pursuit of a comprehensive one-stop service by boiler suppliers. With a customer-centric approach, this philosophy has gained widespread application globally. These boilers, renowned for their reliability and efficiency, exemplify EPCB’s commitment to providing advanced and high-quality solutions for boilers.

1.2 What Are Types of Water Tube Boiler

D-type Boiler:  The D-type boiler stands out in the realm of water tube boilers, distinguished by its distinctive “D” shape. This innovative design is characterized by two drums that collectively form a “D” shape, with water tubes connecting them. Below, we delve into the intricacies of the D-type boiler, shedding light on its design features and notable characteristics.

The hallmark of the D-type boiler is its geometric configuration, resembling the letter “D” when viewed horizontally.

This unique shape results from the presence of two drums — a larger steam drum and a smaller mud drum — arranged in a specific alignment.

Drum Configuration: Steam Drum: Positioned at the top of the “D,” the steam drum serves as a reservoir for generated steam. It is the point from which high-quality steam is extracted for various applications.

Mud Drum: Located at the bottom of the “D,” the mud drum stores water and serves as a collection point for sediment and impurities, preventing them from entering the steam-generating tubes.

Water Tubes: Water tubes connect the steam and mud drums, forming a network for water circulation. These tubes play a crucial role in facilitating the transfer of heat from the combustion gases to the water.

High Pressure and Temperature Tolerance: The D-type boiler is renowned for its robust construction, enabling it to tolerate high pressure and temperature conditions. This makes it suitable for applications demanding elevated steam parameters.

Applications: D-type boilers find applications in industries where high-pressure steam is required, such as power generation plants, chemical processing facilities, and manufacturing environments.

Their ability to handle demanding conditions and produce ample steam makes them a preferred choice for power generation.

The D-type boiler from EPCB Boiler manufacturer seamlessly integrates innovative engineering with efficiency. While its size and footprint may be relatively larger, this is a testament to its robust construction and high-pressure capabilities. In the realm of water tube boilers, the D-type design offers a reliable and efficient solution for industries with demanding requirements for high-pressure steam generation. With EPCB Boiler supplier’s commitment to excellence, the D-type boiler stands out as a noteworthy player, showcasing not only a geometrically advanced layout but also inherent strengths that cater to a diverse range of industrial needs.

Water Tube Boiler Manufacturer Thailand

2. What Are Advantages of Water Tube Boilers?

After understanding what a water tube boiler is and the types of water tube boilers, it is also very important to understand the advantages during the use of water tube boilers. Next, let us understand the advantages of water tube boilers.

2.1 Advantages of Water Tube Boiler

Intelligent operation: EPCB water tube boilers are known for their intelligent operation, making them safe and convenient to operate. The advanced control system and user-friendly design make operating the boiler efficient and easy.

Efficient impact surface: EPCB focuses on designing the impact surface and water tube layout of water tube boilers to ensure maximum heat exchange efficiency. This enables the boiler to have excellent performance in terms of energy utilization and achieve efficient operation.

Customized work efficiency: EPCB achieves high working efficiency of water tube boilers by controlling the water supply volume of water tubes to adjust the heating process. Customers can customize it according to their specific needs to meet the efficient energy needs of different industrial applications.

Compact small steam drum design: EPCB water tube boilers are equipped with compact small steam drums that allow steam generation at pressures as low as 40 kg/cm² to as high as 140 kg/cm². EPCB focuses on the efficiency and reliability of small steam drum design to ensure stable operation of industrial boilers under various pressure conditions.

Efficient flue gas emission: EPCB Boiler ensures efficient emission of water tube boiler flue gas through advanced flue gas flow design. This helps improve overall performance and environmental friendliness.

Space saving design: EPCB reduces the installation space requirements of water tube boilers through intelligent design, providing customers with greater installation flexibility, especially in places with limited space.

2.2 Disadvantages of Water Tube Boilers

Risk of water pipe damage: The water tube boiler manufacturer is concerned about the potential damage to water pipes caused by dust in the water supply and reduces this risk by providing efficient filtration systems and regular inspections.

Water level monitoring requirements: Water tube boilers require random checks of water levels, but through an intelligent monitoring system and automatic water replenishment pumps, EPCB ensures stable water levels and safe operation.

Maintenance cost: Although maintenance costs are relatively high, EPCB ensures effective control of maintenance costs and extends equipment life by providing high-quality parts and regular maintenance services.

With its excellent engineering design and intelligent integration technology, EPCB Boiler is committed to providing excellent water tube boiler solutions to industrial customers. Through well-designed water tube boilers, EPCB combines efficient energy utilization with excellent service to provide customers with reliable and efficient energy solutions. This integrated approach not only ensures the advancement and stability of the boiler, but also ensures significant improvements in energy efficiency and production efficiency for customers in industrial production.

3. What Are Water Tube Boilers Used For?

EPCB’s water tube boilers are widely used for their ability to effectively handle high pressure and temperature, converting fuel into productive energy. Exported to more than 100 countries and regions, their safe operation and reliability make them indispensable in various industries.

3.1 Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

Water tube boilers play a vital role in the chemical and petrochemical industries, providing stable power and meeting emissions regulations. They efficiently generate steam for refining, distillation and cracking processes, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.

3.2 Pulp and Paper Industry

In the pulp and paper industry, water tube boilers are essential for drying paper, meeting energy needs and cooking wood chips. The steam they produce provides uniform heating, precise temperature control and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

3.3 Food and Beverage Industry

Water tube boilers are vital in the food and beverage industry, producing steam and hot water to ensure food is smooth and easy to digest. Their ability to generate large amounts of steam can meet the needs of large-scale production and help maintain optimal environmental conditions in food processing facilities.

3.4 Pharmaceutical Industry

Water tube boilers are vital in the pharmaceutical industry, providing precise temperature control for drying, sterilizing and purifying chemicals and instruments. The filtration system ensures the production of clean steam, which is necessary in pharmaceutical processes.

3.5 Textile Industry

To solve the demand for fast steam in the dyeing and finishing process of the textile industry, water tube boilers are indispensable. They provide energy for fabric pre-treatment and specific heat settings during the printing process, thus effectively adapting to changing needs.

3.6 Central Heating System

Water tube boilers have long been used for heating buildings, factories and commercial facilities. Known for consistency and precise control, these boilers provide radiant heat ensuring comfort and productivity in a variety of environments.

EPCB’s water tube boilers are good at meeting the diverse needs of various industries, customizing boiler system solutions for customers’ actual application scenarios, combining advanced technology with reliable services to improve energy utilization and production efficiency throughout the industrial sector.

Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers Thailand

4. Top 6 Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers Thailand

4.1 Worcester Bosch: A Premier Player in the UK Boiler Arena

Worcester Bosch, an esteemed name in the UK boiler market, has earned its reputation through a commitment to excellence, offering top-tier products and outstanding customer service.

Worcester Bosch’s boiler range includes:

Combi Boilers: Compact and ideal for smaller properties, these boilers add living space without requiring a separate hot water boiler.

System Boilers: Perfect for homes with multiple bathrooms, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water to numerous taps simultaneously.

Conventional Boilers: Suited for homes with simultaneous high hot water usage, particularly beneficial for residences with two or more bathrooms.


Worcester Bosch stands out as a leading UK brand known for high quality and superior performance. The extensive product range includes high-efficiency boilers suitable for diverse applications, with a significant impact on household heating needs.


While Bosch boilers are recognized for their quality, they tend to be relatively expensive, potentially dissuading some consumers. Additionally, those seeking a coal-fired boiler may not find a suitable option within the Bosch product line.

4.2 EPCB Boiler: A Industrial Boiler Manufacturer from China

EPCB Boiler is a leading water tube boiler manufacturer and supplier in the China boiler industry. With an expansive factory covering 120,000 square meters, a workforce of over 500 skilled individuals, and state-of-the-art production equipment, EPCB offers comprehensive services ranging from design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance.

Holistic Boiler Solutions: EPCB Boiler aspires to be a one-stop boiler system solution provider, delivering a complete range of services encompassing boiler design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Diverse Range of Boiler Products: EPCB produces a variety of boilers, including oil-fired, gas-fired, biomass-fired, coal-fired, and electric boilers, catering to the diverse needs of different industries and customers.

With over 70 years of industrial experience, EPCB Boiler stands at the forefront as an industrial steam boiler manufacturer and supplier. Our product range is renowned for its exceptional stability and is widely applicable across various industries and applications. We specialize in tailoring product designs to meet the specific requirements of our customers, ensuring optimal suitability for distinct applications.


A Chinese company offering a comprehensive range of boiler solutions, equipped with advanced technology and large-scale production capabilities.


While gradually gaining recognition in the international market, particularly in the Asian region.

4.3 Baxi: A Heritage Rooted in British Tradition

Established in 1866, Baxi stands as a venerable British brand with a rich legacy, offering a diverse array of boilers, including gas, oil, and combination models.

Key Baxi Boiler Products:

Baxi 600 Series: Recognized as one of Baxi Boilers’ top-selling products, the Baxi 600 Series earns accolades for its compact design, efficient energy utilization, and straightforward installation.

Baxi EcoBlue+ Series: Centered on environmental considerations, this series employs advanced blue flame technology, ensuring outstanding energy efficiency.


A century-old brand known for providing a variety of boilers, encompassing gas and oil models, with a strong emphasis on efficient performance and reliability.


While commanding a significant share in the UK market, Baxi has a comparatively smaller presence in the international arena.

4.4 Highlighted Ferroli Boiler

Bluehelix Tech RRT Series: This boiler range incorporates advanced blue flame technology for efficient energy use and low emissions, catering to residential and commercial applications of varying sizes.

Green 32 Kondensing Series: Recognized for outstanding energy efficiency and environmentally friendly features, this series adheres to the highest environmental and energy standards.


As an Italian brand, Ferroli is renowned for its distinctive designs and technical innovations, backed by extensive experience in the boiler industry.


While exerting influence in certain European markets, Ferroli’s international reputation remains relatively modest.

4.5 Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd.: Pioneering Boiler Manufacturing in China

Established in 1954, Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. stands as a prominent and pioneering boiler manufacturer in China, renowned for its production of high-quality industrial boilers, and Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) boilers. With a rich history spanning decades, the company has played a crucial role in providing advanced boiler solutions for various industries globally, making it a key player in the competitive boiler manufacturing landscape.


Long History: With a foundation laid in 1954, the company boasts a long and reputable history in boiler manufacturing, showcasing experience and expertise.

Global Presence: Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. has made significant contributions to power plants and industries worldwide, extending its influence beyond China’s borders.

Diverse Product Portfolio: The company’s diverse range of boiler types, including industrial, biomass, and CFB boilers, reflects adaptability to varied industry needs.


Competition: In the highly competitive boiler manufacturing sector, Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. faces challenges from its global counterparts.

Technology Evolution: To stay at the forefront, continuous investment in research and development is essential to keep pace with evolving boiler technologies.

4.6 Potterton

 A leading UK manufacturer, has positioned itself as an innovator in the heating solutions market. Renowned for its cutting-edge boilers, Potterton prioritizes the integration of the latest heating technology, ensuring adherence to energy efficiency standards and environmental sustainability.

Key Products: Promax Series: Potterton’s Promax series stands out as a flagship product, celebrated for its efficient energy utilization and space-saving design. It caters to diverse residential and commercial settings, offering versatile heating solutions.

Gold Series: The Gold Series exemplifies Potterton’s commitment to efficient performance and reliability. Users can expect an exceptional heating and hot water experience, making it a reliable choice for various applications.


As a British manufacturer, Potterton demonstrates a strong focus on innovation and environmental consciousness. The product line includes a variety of boilers known for their efficiency and eco-friendly features.


While Potterton commands a significant share in the UK domestic market, its international market presence is relatively limited.

This positioning makes Potterton a reputable choice for those seeking advanced heating solutions in the UK, with a product range that combines innovation, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Top 6 Water Tube Boiler Manufacturers Thailand

5. How To Choose Water Tube Boiler Manufacturer

5.1 Get More Efficiency At An Affordable Price

When choosing a water tube boiler manufacturer, it is crucial to find a balance between affordability and greater efficiency. While price is a factor, reducing costs is not the only goal. Purchasing a cheap, low-quality boiler product may result in more repair or replacement costs.

Efficiency is actually more critical when buying a new boiler. When you choose a steam boiler, you need to consider the overall running costs, not just the unit price. Inefficient boilers consume more fuel, causing higher energy bills. In comparison, EPCB boilers are known for their improved thermal efficiency and have been proven to reduce fuel costs by 20%. This will ultimately result in significant energy and cost savings over the lifetime of the boiler, which may be 15 to 20 years.

5.2 Safety is Very Important

When buying a new boiler, safety should definitely be your top priority. Traditional steam and hot water boilers present some potential safety risks, such as overheating and high-pressure steam that may cause explosions. To reduce such risks, EPCB boilers use a system designed for operation with low water content, so that even if a failure occurs, it will not produce excess steam, thereby mitigating potential dangers.

Maintenance on a traditional boiler may involve opening heavy steel doors, a process that is not only complex but also poses a safety hazard. EPCB’s water tube boiler design is more convenient and avoids this situation. Not only are there no heavy doors, but thanks to the low water content design, a catastrophic explosion is almost impossible.

Safety is an outstanding advantage of EPCB water tube boilers. This kind of boiler has a record of safe and stable operation of more than 15,000+ units worldwide, providing customers with reliable heating and hot water solutions.

5.3 Strict Emission Regulations

 In today’s society, people’s concerns about air pollution, greenhouse gases and environmental issues are increasing, which also imposes higher emission regulations on manufacturers, forcing them to reduce harmful emissions generated by industrial processes. Traditional boiler systems are the primary source of most emissions problems, and even when using so-called “clean” natural gas, they still release large amounts of carbon dioxide and toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) into the atmosphere, negatively impacting the environment.

However, there are now some alternative boiler designs that can significantly reduce harmful emissions. These boiler systems require more economical fuel and can be easily disconnected to save energy. They are designed for low or even zero NOx emissions, helping businesses more easily comply with state and local emissions standards.

EPCB boilers excel in this regard with their innovative designs. Our boiler systems require less fuel to operate, support flexible power outages, and focus on low NOx emissions to provide customers with environmentally friendly and efficient heating and hot water solutions.

6. Conclusion 

This article mainly introduces the top 6 water tube boiler manufacturers in Thailand from 5 aspects, including the characteristics, advantages, industry fields of water tube boilers, how to choose water tube boiler suppliers, etc. I believe you will be interested in you after reading this article. helpful.

EPCB Boiler, as a leading boiler manufacturer, occupies a prominent position in the market with its high-quality products and efficient performance. Choosing high-efficiency boiler products that meet or exceed industry standards will ensure greater cost effectiveness. Choose EPCB Boiler for reliable energy solutions for your industrial applications.

Thanks for reading.

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