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Steam boiler pressure gauge, also known as steam boiler pressure sensor or steam boiler gauge, is the essential boiler equipment used to monitor system pressure in control rooms, industrial and commercial boilers, HVAC, and hydronic system applications. Boiler gauges, also called tridicators, have a scale on dial face to measure pressure of water in boilers and hydronic systems.

EPCB Boiler offers a selection of boiler gauges, including steam boiler pressure gauges, level indicators, and more with different dial sizes and confection screws.

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1. What Is Steam Boiler Pressure Gauge?

A steam boiler pressure gauge is a vital instrument used to measure the pressure within a steam boiler. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the boiler system. The pressure gauge provides operators with a visual display of the steam pressure, allowing them to monitor and control the boiler’s operating conditions.

The pressure gauge typically indicates the steam pressure in units such as megapascals (MPa), pounds per square inch (psi), or bar. By monitoring the pressure, operators can ensure that it remains within the safe operating range, preventing any potential risks or damage to the boiler.

Regular calibration and maintenance of the steam boiler pressure gauge are essential to ensure accurate readings and reliable performance. Operators should consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and industry standards to ensure proper installation and operation of the pressure gauge.

The steam boiler pressure gauge is a critical tool for maintaining the safety and efficiency of a steam boiler system, allowing operators to monitor and adjust the pressure as needed for optimal performance.

In typical industrial boilers, a pressure temperature gauge indicates a reading of 1bar (15 psi) when the boiler is cold and 3 bar (45 psi) when it is hot. When the system pressure exceeds 4 bar, a pressure relief valve on the boiler opens to release excess pressure. The connection screw is designed with either 1/2″ BSP or 3/8″ BSP.

2. How Steam Boiler Pressure Gauge Works?

The steam boiler pressure gauge is an essential instrument for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of boilers in industrial and commercial applications. Here is a general overview of how it functions:

Mounting: Typically, the pressure gauge is mounted on the exterior of the boiler, providing easy visibility for operators.

Connection: The gauge is connected to a tapping on the boiler, allowing it to measure the internal pressure accurately.

Measurement: Steam pressure within the boiler causes either a diaphragm or a Bourdon tube mechanism inside the gauge to move. This movement is then translated into a pressure reading displayed on the gauge.

Calibration: Regular calibration of pressure gauges is necessary to maintain accuracy. This process usually involves using a pressure calibration tool to ensure precise measurements.

Safety: Monitoring boiler pressure is crucial for safety purposes. If the pressure exceeds safe levels, it can lead to malfunctions or even catastrophic failures. Operators rely on the pressure gauge to ensure that the boiler operates within its designated safe pressure range.

Maintenance: Periodic maintenance of the pressure gauge is important for its proper functioning. This includes checking for leaks, verifying calibration, and replacing the gauge if it becomes damaged or inaccurate.

Utilizing and maintaining the steam boiler pressure gauge effectively can ensure the safe and efficient operation of boilers in various industrial and commercial settings.

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3. What is The Common Pressure on a Steam Boiler?

That steam boilers are not designed to withstand pressures exceeding 2 bars. The materials used in their construction, such as copper, brass, or stainless steel, are typically around 2 millimeters thick. If the pressure exceeds 4 bars, there is a significant risk of an explosion occurring. Therefore, it is crucial to operate steam boilers within their specified pressure limits to ensure safe and reliable operation.

4. What Are Advantages of EPCB Steam Boiler Pressure Gauge?

EPCB Steam Boiler gauges are specifically designed to accurately measure steam pressure in typical industrial boilers. They are available in three dial sizes: 12″ (300mm), 10″ (250mm), and 8″ (200mm). These large-dial gauges allow for easy reading of pressure from a distance.

The connection screw on the gauges is designed with either 1/2″ BSP or 3/8″ BSP specifications, ensuring compatibility with various boiler systems. This allows for convenient installation and connection to the boiler.

These gauges are suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial boilers and manufacturing process lines, where precise pressure measurement and display are essential. They are particularly well-suited for critical processes that demand high accuracy, such as hydraulic systems and laboratory applications.

To ensure proper functionality, it is important to mount the gauges with the dial face in an upright position. This allows for clear and accurate pressure readings.

EPCB Steam Boiler gauges provide reliable and accurate pressure measurement, enabling operators to monitor and control the steam pressure within industrial boiler systems effectively.
EPCB offers renowned pressure gauges known for their quality in China. These gauges are constructed using high-quality materials that exhibit strong corrosion resistance and include vibration components to withstand certain levels of vibration. Additionally, they can adapt to temperature fluctuations. The average service life of these gauges is 2-3 years.

Furthermore, we have established a close partnership with the pressure gauge factory, allowing us to provide these gauges at factory prices, eliminating the involvement of intermediaries and ensuring cost-effectiveness.

We offer a 1-year warranty, allowing you to return any gauge with quality issues at any time. This guarantee ensures the smooth operation of your boiler system. Our 24-hour online customer service is available to address any inquiries or concerns you may have during usage.

The pressure bar on a steam boiler refers to the maximum pressure level that the boiler is designed to handle. Typically, steam boilers are set at a pressure range of 1 to 2 bars (gauge pressure). The operating temperature for steam boilers is usually around 120-125°C.

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