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  • High combustion efficiency up to 95%
  • Maximizing steam production up to 20 T/H
  • Reliability with safety features and clean combustion
  • Optimum Compact Structure
  • Smart Control System
  • Competitive Factory Price


EPCB oil fired steam boiler is a fundamental three-pass fire tube boiler with a furnace style where flue gases flow inside the tubes and water is situated outside the tubes within the shell. The combustion of oil in the furnace requires fuel atomization. Since the fuel introduced to the furnace is in large quantities and in liquid form, it needs to be separated into fine droplets so that each part of the fuel can be ignited efficiently.

As the leading oil steam manufacturer and supplier, EPCB oil fired steam boiler is specifically designed and optimized to generate low-pressure steam, with a rated evaporation capacity ranging from 0.5 to 20 tons per hour and a rated pressure between 0.7 and 1.6MPa. The design of the boiler ensures a high heat efficiency of up to 95%.

This boiler is equipped with world-class brand burners such as Riello and UNIGAS, ensuring optimal fuel combustion that aligns with your factory production. It utilizes a smaller flame to maintain the boiler temperature during periods of low steam demand in your food factory, thereby avoiding fuel loss caused by purging the furnace chamber when starting the boiler system.

When operating with green energy sources, this oil steam boiler enables your company to achieve a CO2-neutral steam supply, contributing to environmental sustainability.

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1 Specifications of EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler

Item/TypeHorizontal Fire Tube Automatic Oil Fired Steam Boiler
Rated capacity(t/h)1234568101520
Rated steam pressure (Mpa)0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6
Rated steam Temp (℃)170/184/194/204
Thermal efficiency (%)≥92%
Body Heating Area (m2)Boiler Body21.1545.167.8780.37110.5140.13194.27142.3218.5275.3
Economizer 18.626.130.443.4146.557.174.4112.6155225.5
Boiler Water Volume (m2)2.495.66.257.548.98.513.919.524.531.5
Flue Diameter(mm)φ350φ420φ450φ520750×410800×410940×520850×5001200×6001500×600
Fuel consumption (kg/h)Light Oil 681402002693403935386839901318
Heavy Oil 7014020727735041555470010201336

Largest Transportation Size(mm)

Total Weight (kg)3600530080008700112001250017800220003250040500
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2 EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler Features

Compared with coal steam boilers, oil fired steam boilers offer several key features that making them a preferred choice for steam generation in various industrial and commercial applications.

2.1 High Efficiency

EPCB Oil fired steam boiler generates steam efficiently and effectively. These steam oil boiler performs best in converting the energy stored in oil into steam, ensuring swift steam production. Its high efficiency makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, meeting the demands of heating, power generation, and other processes efficiently.

2.2 Reliability

The EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler is designed with reliability in mind. It is equipped with safety features such as an explosion-proof door and a flame detector, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

The combustion chamber utilizes a full membrane water wall structure and micro-positive pressure combustion, resulting in a clean operating environment without pollution. These features contribute to the boiler’s ability to operate continuously for extended periods, providing a reliable source of steam. Whether for industrial or commercial applications, oil-fired steam boilers offer a dependable solution that can withstand heavy use and maintain consistent performance over time.

2.3 Optimum Structure

EPCB oil fired steam boiler is designed with an optimum compact structure to facilitate maintenance and cleaning. It features manholes located in the front and rear of the upper and lower drums, allowing easy access for overhaul and cleaning operations. Additionally, inspection doors are placed at the rear of the boiler, providing convenient access for inspection purposes.

The use of high-quality aluminum silicate fiber and refractory cement in the construction of the boiler helps to maintain a low furnace temperature, ensuring safe and efficient operation. With the furnace temperature kept below 45°C, energy efficiency is maximized, and safety concerns are minimized. This design feature contributes to the overall performance and longevity of the boiler.

The arrangement of manholes, inspection doors, and the use of premium insulation materials make the EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler a user-friendly and reliable choice, allowing for easy maintenance, cleaning, and safe operation.

2.4 Smart Control System

EPCB oil steam boilers are equipped with smart control systems that play a crucial role in regulating fuel input, combustion, and steam production. These sophisticated control systems ensure safe and efficient operation of the boilers.

The control systems monitor and adjust the fuel input to maintain optimal combustion conditions, ensuring efficient energy utilization and minimizing waste. They also regulate the air-to-fuel ratio to achieve complete combustion and reduce emissions. By continuously monitoring various parameters, such as steam pressure, temperature, and water level, the control systems ensure stable and reliable steam production.

The smart control systems provide advanced features such as automatic safety shutdown in case of abnormal conditions, remote monitoring capabilities, and data logging for performance analysis and optimization. These features contribute to the overall safety, efficiency, and operational convenience of the EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boilers.

2.5 Low Maintenance

EPCB oil steam boilers are known for their low maintenance requirements, thanks to a simple and robust design, efficient combustion, and intelligent control systems. These boilers have fewer components prone to wear and malfunction, reducing the need for repairs. The efficient combustion process minimizes the accumulation of soot and deposits, lowering cleaning and maintenance frequency. The integrated control systems optimize performance and reduce the need for manual adjustments. By following regular maintenance schedules and conducting routine inspections, the EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boilers ensure optimal performance, longevity, and cost-effectiveness while minimizing maintenance and downtime.

2.6 Fuel availability

One significant advantage of oil-fired steam boilers is the wide availability of oil as a fuel source. Oil is readily accessible in many parts of the world, making it a convenient and easily obtainable option for fueling these boilers. This availability ensures a reliable and consistent fuel supply, reducing concerns about fuel shortages or logistical challenges.

Global infrastructure for oil extraction, refining, and distribution is well-established, allowing for efficient delivery and storage of oil. This accessibility and infrastructure make oil-fired steam boilers a practical choice for various industries and locations, regardless of whether they are located in urban or remote areas.

The accessibility of oil as a fuel source often leads to competitive pricing, offering cost advantages to businesses utilizing oil-fired steam boilers. The stable and widespread availability of oil contributes to the overall reliability and cost-effectiveness of these boilers as a steam generation solution.

2.7 Cost Effective

EPCB Oil-fired steam boilers are cost effective due to competitive oil prices, efficient combustion, advanced control systems, and lower maintenance requirements. The wide availability of oil simplifies logistics, while the boilers’ robust design ensures longevity. With proper maintenance, they offer higher returns on investment and reduced replacement costs. Overall, oil-fired steam boilers deliver an attractive cost-performance ratio for industrial and commercial applications.

3 EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler Applications

EPCB Oil fired steam boilers are particularly popular in industries that demand a reliable and efficient source of steam. These boilers provide a dependable and efficient solution for meeting steam requirements in diverse industrial applications.

With their robust design, advanced control systems, and high combustion efficiency, EPCB Oil-fired steam boilers ensure optimal fuel utilization and minimize waste, resulting in cost-effective steam generation for a wide range of applications.

EPCB Oil fired steam boilers are widely used in various industries including paper, food Industry, chemical, textile, beverage Industry and power generation, manufacturing plants, etc.

Oil steam boilers are commonly utilized in manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities, power generation plants, as well as sectors like the chemical industry, paper making industry, textile industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals industry, heating industry, and construction industry.

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