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EPCB specializes in design and manufacture complete line of gas fired steam boiler system at with competitive factory price. We are the leading gas steam boiler manufacturer and supplier with 70+ years of industrial experiences. EPCB gas fired boiler is designed and optimized to produce low pressure steam with rated evaporation capacity from 0.5 to 20 ton/hour and rated pressure from 0.7 to 1.6MPa. The design heat efficiency is up to 95%.

1 What Is Gas Fired Steam Boiler?

EPCB gas-fired steam boiler is an industrial steam boiler that utilizes natural gas or propane as a fuel source to generate steam through the application of thermal energy to water. It operates by heating water to induce vaporization, creating steam for various industrial applications.

Our gas-fired steam boiler is engineered with a three-pass full wet back structure. It features a large furnace and thick smoke pipe, which enhance heat absorption and effectively save energy while reducing consumption. The threaded pipe and corrugated furnace design significantly improve heat transfer efficiency and fuel consumption. The boiler’s structure comprises a boiler shell, ripple furnace, reversal chamber, thread smoke tube, and can be equipped with a burner brand according to user requirements.

Gas-fired steam boilers offer several advantages, including efficient heating, cost-effectiveness (depending on gas prices), and the ability to produce steam for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to provide space heating and process heating.

These boilers are highly versatile and reliable, capable of meeting the steam demands of different industries. With their efficient heating capabilities and the availability of natural gas or propane, gas-fired steam boilers are a popular choice for those seeking an effective and economical solution for steam generation.

EPCB gas fired steam boiler for sale
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1 Specifications of EPCB Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Item/Type Horizontal Fire Tube Automatic Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler
Rated Capacity(t/h) 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 15 20
Rated Steam Pressure (Mpa) 0.7/1.0/1.25/1.6
Rated Steam Temp (℃) 170/184/194/204
Thermal Efficiency (%) ≥92%
Body Heating Area (m2) Boiler Body 21.15 45.1 67.87 80.37 110.5 140.13 194.27 142.3 218.5 275.3
Economizer  18.6 26.1 30.4 43.41 46.5 57.1 74.4 112.6 155 225.5
Boiler Water Volume (m2) 2.49 5.6 6.25 7.54 8.9 8.5 13.9 19.5 24.5 31.5
Flue Diameter(mm) φ350 φ420 φ450 φ520 750×410 800×410 940×520 850×500 1200×600 1500×600
Gas Consumption (kg/h) 70 140 207 277 350 415 554 700 1020 1336

Largest Transportation Size(mm)

Length 3100 3660 4600 4900 5250 5850 6500 6240 8500 9200
Width 2200 2700 2200 2300 2350 2400 2600 2850 3500 3950
Height 2200 2630 2500 2650 2680 2700 2850 3100 4000 4350
Total Weight (kg) 3600 5300 8000 8700 11200 12500 17800 22000 32500 40500

2 Do Steam Boilers Use Natural Gas?

Steam boilers including EPCB gas fired steam boiler can indeed utilize natural gas as a fuel source.Natural gas is widely used for heating purposes, including in steam boilers employed in various industrial and residential applications. The process involves heating water to generate steam, which is then utilized for heating, power generation, or other industrial processes.

EPCB gas fired steam boiler is specially designed to generate steam using gas as the fuel, incorporates a burner compatible with natural gas combustion. This burner is responsible for igniting and combusting the natural gas, generating heat that is transferred to the water in the boiler to produce steam. The combustion process occurs within the combustion chamber, where the natural gas is mixed with air and ignited. The ensuing heat raises the water temperature, converting it into steam.

The use of natural gas as a fuel for the EPCB gas-fired steam boiler offers several advantages. Natural gas is known for its clean-burning properties, resulting in reduced emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter. Additionally, natural gas typically has a lower carbon content compared to other fossil fuels, contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural gas is widely available and relatively cost-effective, making it a popular choice for steam boiler applications across various industries.

EPCB gas fired steam boiler can be configured to run on natural gas, providing efficient and environmentally friendly steam generation for industrial processes. The utilization of natural gas as a fuel source enhances overall efficiency, reduces emissions, and supports sustainable practices.

3 EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler Features

EPCB gas fired steam boilers offer efficient and reliable steam generation, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications that require high temperature heating or process steam.

3.1 Robust Construction of Oil Fired Steam Boiler

EPCB gas fired steam boiler features an robust constrution and compact structure, incorporating advanced components to ensure high efficiency and a long lifespan. It adopts a sophisticated three-pass, all-wet-back structure, along with a corrugated furnace and smoke tube design. These elements contribute to the boiler’s efficiency and durability.

The furnace shape is carefully designed to match the shape of the flame, preventing the flame from washing out the heating surface area. This design ensures efficient heat transfer and maximizes the utilization of the heating surface. With more heating surface available, the boiler can handle full load and overcharge conditions without issues.

The rear flue chamber is designed to maintain a low temperature, ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment for operators. This prioritizes the well-being and safety of personnel near the boiler.

The combination of the optimum design and compact structure of the EPCB gas-fired steam boiler results in high efficiency, extended lifespan, and enhanced safety. It maximizes heat transfer, reduces energy waste, and provides reliable performance for a wide range of industrial applications.

3.2 Reliability of EPCB Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Quality and reliability is first concern for EPCB gas steam boiler. We adopts various measures to ensure high quality, reliability, and performance of the EPCB gas steam boiler, providing customers with peace of mind and optimal operational efficiency and longevity.

The steam gas boiler utilizes light and high-quality thermal insulation materials such as aluminum silicate fiber, which minimizes heat loss and maximizes heating efficiency. The gas fired steam boiler is equipped with imported burners from reputable European brands.

To ensure the quality of raw materials, specially designed steel plates with Inspection Certificates are used exclusively for the boiler. The raw materials undergo rigorous inspection upon arrival at the factory, and only the qualified materials are stored and used for production.

EPCB professional welding team, consisting of over 30 senior weld technicians, ensures the quality of welding. Welding materials are stored under controlled temperature and humidity conditions to maintain their integrity. The welding quality is further examined through methods like x-ray detection, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic testing, and penetration testing during the boiler manufacturing process.

The pressure parts of the boiler undergo leakproofness and strength tests. The hydrostatic test is conducted to verify the absence of water leakage on steel walls or welding joints, ensure proper expansion without water leakage, and detect any residual deformation or abnormalities.

Before delivery, all raw materials and boilers undergo thorough supervision and inspection by experts from reputable Inspection Institutions for Boilers and Pressure Vessels. EPCB gas steam boiler holds international quality certificates such as ISO 9001 and CE. Inspection reports from organizations like SGS and BV, as well as Quality Certificates, Energy Audit Reports, and Energy Efficiency Test Reports, can be provided.

High Quality gas fired steam boiler for sale
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3.3 High Efficient Combustion

EPCB gas fired steam boiler excels in high efficiency heating, providing quick and on demand steam generation, making it a reliable and energy-efficient solution for meeting steam demands in a wide range of industries.

Gas fired steam boilers are powerful for their ability to convert fuel into usable heat with exceptional efficiency. EPCB gas steam boiler incorporates threaded pipes and high-effective insulation materials that enhance heat transfer and improve the boiler’s thermal efficiency. With the addition of an economizer, the efficiency of the EPCB gas steam boiler can reach an impressive 97%.

During the combustion process, heat is generated and transferred to water through the boiler’s heat exchanger. The heat exchanger plays a crucial role in efficiently transferring the energy from the burning gas to the water. This efficient heat transfer process ensures optimal utilization of the fuel and maximizes the heating efficiency of the boiler.

High efficiency combustion capability of the EPCB gas fired steam boiler provides numerous benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, lower operating costs, and minimized environmental impact. It ensures that energy is utilized effectively, resulting in optimal performance and cost savings for various industrial applications that require steam generation.

3.4 Smart control System

EPCB gas steam boiler is equipped with a smart control system that offers advanced features for efficient and safe operation.

The control system incorporates proportional control, ensuring precise regulation of fuel and air for optimal combustion. This control mechanism helps maintain high burning efficiency, with the EPCB gas steam boiler achieving an efficiency rate of over 99.5%.

The smart control system of the boiler enables fully automatic operation, allowing for auto-ignition and auto-shutdown. It also includes a manual switch for manual control when needed and offers comprehensive safety features. It includes automatic blowing to maintain clean combustion, fuel gas leak alarm to detect and alert of any gas leakage, safe operating interlock protection to prevent unsafe conditions, flameout protection to ensure the flame remains lit, and fuel gas pressure protection to safeguard against pressure-related issues.

The control system features a multi-language display, with English and Chinese readily available. Customization for other languages is possible upon request. 

3.4 Cleaner Burning

EPCB gas fired steam boiler offers cleaner burning, contributing to improved air quality. Compared to other fossil fuels, natural gas combustion emits fewer pollutants, making it a cleaner option for generating steam. By utilizing natural gas as a fuel source, the EPCB gas-fired steam boiler helps reduce harmful emissions and minimize the impact on the environment.

EPCB gas-fired steam boiler also incorporates safety features to ensure safe operation. The inclusion of an explosion-proof gate enhances the overall safety of the boiler, providing an additional layer of protection for both personnel and equipment.

By combining cleaner burning with robust safety measures, the EPCB gas-fired steam boiler offers a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for steam generation in various industrial applications. It enables businesses to meet their steam needs while minimizing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

3.5 Easy Installation and Operation

EPCB gas fired steam boiler is designed with easy installation and operation in mind, simplifying the setup process for customers.

To install the EPCB gas fired steam boiler, customers are only required to connect the pump wire, burner wire, and water level wire to the PLC control box. The wires are clearly marked, making it easier for installers to identify and connect them correctly. This streamlined installation process helps save time and effort.

Once the necessary connections are made, the boiler is ready to operate. The PLC control box plays a key role in managing the boiler’s operation and ensuring its efficiency. The control box is designed for user-friendly operation, allowing operators to easily monitor and control various parameters of the boiler.

The straightforward installation process and intuitive control system of the EPCB gas steam boiler contribute to its overall ease of use. This makes it convenient for both experienced operators and those new to boiler systems. It also can quickly set up and effectively operate the boiler in their desired applications.

4 EPCB Oil Fired Steam Boiler Applications

EPCB gas fired steam boilers are widely used  across various industries, including chemical, paper making, textile, food, pharmaceuticals, heating, and manufacturing processes. The versatility of EPCB gas fired steam boile allows for the efficient generation of steam to meet the specific needs of each industry. 

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