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  • Highly efficient, No Combustion, Zero Emissions
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  • Capacity: 50~500kg/h
  • Pressure: 0.4 MPa~0.7 MPa
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Electric steam boiler, also known as industrial electric boiler or electric steam generator, is a widely used type of steam boiler that converts electrical energy into heat for steam production in various commercial and industrial applications. These electric steam generator utilize resistance elements or electrodes that are installed inside the boiler to heat the water and generate steam.

Electric steam boilers are known for their high efficiency, achieving close to 100% efficiency by converting all incoming electrical energy into thermal energy. This results in fast start-up times and precise control of steam pressure. Moreover, since electric steam boilers rely on electricity as a power source instead of fossil fuels, they offer the advantage of zero CO2 emissions at the user’s location. The electric steam generators are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

EPCB Boiler is the leading electric steam boiler manufacturers and suppliers with 70+ years of industrial experiences. When operated with green energy sources, such as renewable electricity, EPCB industrial electric boiler enables users to achieve a CO2-neutral steam supply, contributing to sustainability and environmental responsibility. With its reliable performance and eco-friendly features, EPCB industrial electric boiler is an excellent choice for factories aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

 1. What Is A Electric Steam Boiler?

An electric steam boiler is the most common types of steam boiler that utilizes electricity to heat water and generate steam. It operates similarly to conventional steam boilers but relies solely on electrical power for the heating process, eliminating the need for burning fuels like gas or oil. Electric steam boilers find wide application in various industries, including food processing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturing processes where efficient heating is required.

Typically, electric steam boilers consist of heating elements submerged in water. When electricity is supplied to these heating elements, they generate heat, raising the temperature of the water and producing steam. Electric steam boilers are highly regarded for their efficiency, ease of installation, and precise temperature control. They are particularly favored in situations where minimizing emissions resulting from burning fuels is paramount or where restrictions on the use of fossil fuels exist.

Electric steam boilers rely on resistance elements that are affixed inside the boiler to heat the water and create steam or hot water. The electric heating tubes within the boiler play a crucial role in achieving high efficacy and efficient heating. The thoughtful arrangement of the boiler’s electrode tubes promotes internal water circulation, facilitating the formation of high-quality steam at a faster rate. EPCB electric steam boilers are designed to deliver energy savings of up to 3%, offering the advantages of rapid operation and high steam production efficiency. These features have garnered significant user satisfaction.

By utilizing electricity as the power source, EPCB electric steam boiler provides a notable advantage of zero CO2 emissions at the user’s location. They are characterized by their straightforward installation, high efficiency, and user-friendly operation, making them a preferred choice for steam generation in various industries.

2 Specifications of EPCB Electric Steam Boiler

industrial electric steam boiler
Industrial Electric Steam Boiler System

2 Specifications of EPCB Electric Steam Boiler


Automatic Vertical Electric Heating Steam Boiler

Rated heat capacity kw






Rated steam capacity t/h






Rated working pressure MPa






Power * class number  Kw * n






Saturated steam temperature °C






Designed thermal efficiency (%)


Rated operational voltage

~ 380 V

Mode of connection

three-phase three-wire system

Steam caliber DN






Inlet diameter DN






Safe valve diameter DN






Blowdown valve diameter DN






Boiler Weight Kg






Outlook size

Length mm






Width mm






Height mm






Industrial Electric Steam Boiler for Sale
Electric Steam Boiler For Sale

3. EPCB Electric Steam Boiler Features

EPCB electric steam boilers are crafted to swiftly and effectively generate steam for heating and manufacturing processes, utilizing electric resistance elements. The boiler’s controls autonomously activate/deactivate the elements in steps to uphold the desired steam pressure. Our steam electric boilers have the following features.

3.1 Compact Construction for Long Life Operation

EPCB electric steam boilers are designed with a robust construction and a compact structure, ensuring long-life operation. In comparison to boilers powered by other fuels, our electric boilers stand out for their smaller and more space-efficient design. This makes them particularly well-suited for installations where space is limited. The compact construction not only enhances convenience but also contributes to the boilers’ overall durability and efficiency. At EPCB Boiler, we prioritize longevity and optimal performance, providing solutions that meet the demands of various applications while occupying minimal space. Our commitment to compact design ensures that our electric steam boilers deliver reliable operation over an extended lifespan.

3.2 Highly efficient, No combustion, Zero Emissions

EPCB electric steam boilers boast high efficiency, combustion-free operation, and zero emissions. Renowned for their energy efficiency, these boilers efficiently convert nearly all input energy into heat. The strategic arrangement of boiler electrode tubes enhances internal water circulation, enabling rapid formation of high-quality steam. The ELSB steam boiler’s electrical heating system outperforms combustion systems with an efficiency level exceeding 99%. In addition, when powered by renewable energy, the boiler operates in a completely CO2-neutral manner, making it exceptionally eco-friendly.

3.3 High Steam Quality, Good flexibility

EPCB Electric steam boilers offer superior steam quality and exceptional flexibility. The steam chamber ensures high-quality steam with minimal residual moisture. The output can be automatically tailored to your specific needs or adjusted based on surplus electricity generated.

Once water is heated and transformed into steam, it serves a multitude of purposes. In industrial settings, steam proves valuable for heating, power generation, sterilization, and various processes. EPCB’s custom Electric steam boiler meets rigorous standards such as ISO9001, AEME, and CE, enabling users across countries to benefit from a fully automatic, energy-saving, and highly efficient industrial electric steam boiler. These boilers find applications in diverse settings, from industrial processes to building heating systems.

3.4 Smart and Precise Steam Pressure Control

Electric boilers excel in providing accurate and efficient steam pressure control. Their advanced technology enables precise temperature regulation and steam production adjustments tailored to specific needs. The steam chamber ensures superior steam quality with minimal residual moisture. The incorporation of thyristor switching in the control system enhances efficiency across a wide load range, offering optimal performance. Additionally, the variable output allows automatic adjustments to meet specific requirements or capitalize on surplus self-generated electricity. This innovative design not only ensures smart and precise steam pressure control but also maximizes efficiency, making electric boilers a reliable choice for diverse applications.

3.5 Simple Installation and Low Maintenance Costs

Electric steam boilers offer straightforward installation and minimal maintenance expenses. Their simplicity stems from the absence of fuel storage, chimneys, or flues, making the installation process hassle-free. EPCB electric steam boilers stand out for their safety, as they eliminate the combustion of fuel and the associated risks. Additionally, their low maintenance costs make them an efficient and cost-effective choice for steam generation. Enjoy the convenience of easy installation and the economic advantage of reduced maintenance with electric steam boilers from EPCB.

3 EPCB Electric Steam Boiler Applications

Electric steam boilers offer a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to boilers that burn fossil fuels, as they do not produce combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide.

EPCB industrial electric steam boilers find wide usage in food factories, candy factories, knitting mills, textile mills, garment plants, printing & dyeing mills, chemical plants, packing plants, laundry rooms, sauna rooms, laboratories, schools, and more.

These boilers provide a safe and hygienic solution for food processing, precise temperature control for textile applications, and contribute to a healthier and sustainable environment in various industries.

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