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  • Rated Evaporation Capacity is 1 to 20 t/h
  • Rated Pressure is 0.7~1.6MPa (7-16Bar)
  • Design Efficiency is up to 81~82%
  • ODM/OEM Are Available
  • Competitive Factory Price


EPCB specializes in the design and optimization of coal fired steam boilers for applications that require low to high pressure steam or hot water. EPCB coal steam boilers are designed with rated evaporation capacity ranging from 1 to 20 tons per hour and a rated pressure ranging from 0.7 to 1.6 MPa or 10 to 16Bar. The design heat efficiency of EPCB coal steam boilers reaches up to 81~82%.

EPCB Boiler is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial steam boilers. We offer comprehensive support and expertise, including boiler consultation, custom design, on-demand manufacturing, accessory sourcing, and OEM/ODM services. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellent industrial boiler products, solutions, and services based on our extensive experience and expertise.

With over 70+ years of development and continuous improvement, EPCB coal fired steam boilers have captured the largest share in both the domestic and global coal fired boiler market. This achievement is a testament to the quality, reliability, and performance of the EPCB Boiler products.

1 What Is Coil Fired Steam Boiler?

Coal fired steam boilers, also known as coal steam boilers, are widely used in various industrial applications for steam generation. These boilers operate by burning pulverized coal, which is blown into the firebox to generate heat and produce steam. EPCB offers a coal-fired steam boiler that is designed as a horizontal three-return fire tube and water tube boiler. The boiler barrel features two fire tubes and light pipe water-wall tubes on both sides.

Coal fired steam boilers are widely used in industrial operations and production areas. For different production and processing scales, EPCB provides customized capacity and designs for coal fired steam boilers. This ensures that the boiler meets the specific requirements of each application. EPCB specializes in providing detailed guidance on operating and maintaining coal steam boilers, aiming to prevent unnecessary issues and achieve optimal efficiency.

The optimization of EPCB coal steam boilers ensures high efficiency in converting fuel into usable heat energy. This not only reduces fuel consumption but also lowers operational costs for industrial applications. The advanced design and engineering of EPCB boilers contribute to their exceptional performance and long-term durability.

EPCB’s commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction has solidified its position as a trusted leader in the coal fired boiler industry. By continuously improving their products and incorporating customer feedback, EPCB has gained a reputation for delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective coal fired steam boilers.

Whether for power generation, industrial processes, or heating applications, EPCB coal fired steam boilers provide a reliable and efficient solution. Customers can rely on EPCB’s expertise and experience to meet their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and long-term reliability.

EPCB coal fired steam boiler optimize boiler solutions according to industry characteristics, recover heat in high-temperature flue gas, control boiler emissions, and improve the water supply quality of coal-fired steam boilers. Provide comprehensive boiler technical support, just to allow you to use time-saving, reliable coal-fired steam boiler system.

EPCB Coal Steam Boiler Manufacturer
Coal Fiired Steam Boiler Price

2 Specifications of EPCB Coal Fired Steam Boiler

Item/TypeSingle Drum Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler
Rated Capacity t/h1246810121520
Rated Steam Pressure MPa0.7/1.250.7/1.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.6
Rated Steam Temperature ℃170/194170/194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204
Feed water temperature ℃20        
Boiler thermal efficiency %
Body heating area m223.0 48.7 96.3 148.2 174.4 226.2 276.0 374.5 669.0 
Coal Consumption(kg/h) 101.8 198.3 347.7 520.4 693.8 863.1 1035.7 1291.5 1722.0 
Boiler Size(mm)Length460058006700700073007600760085009500
Boiler Weight  (Ton)182230.14021/1423/1723/1921/2425/24

3 How Does EPCB Coal Fired Steam Boiler Work?

EPCB coal-fired steam boilers utilize a combination of a grate stoker, fire tubes, water tubes, and a dust catcher to efficiently generate steam by burning coal. The heat produced by the combustion process is transferred to the water, converting it into steam. This steam can then be utilized for various industrial processes, providing heat and power to different applications. The working process of EPCB coal fired steam boilers is as followed.

  • Fuel Supply: The fuel, typically coal, is supplied to the grate stoker from the coal scuttle. The grate stoker distributes coal evenly across the grate surface.
  • Combustion: The coal on the grate stoker is ignited, and the combustion process begins. The burning coal produces high-temperature smoke and gases.
  • Heat Transfer: The high-temperature smoke and gases pass through four pass fire tubes and water tubes within the boiler. These tubes facilitate the transfer of heat from the smoke to the boiler water. As the smoke flows through the tubes, the heat energy is absorbed by the water, raising its temperature.
  • Steam Generation: The heated water within the boiler reaches its boiling point, generating steam. The steam accumulates in the steam drum.
  • Flue Gas Outlet: The smoke and gases, after transferring their heat energy to the water, exit the boiler through the induced draft fan. The induced draft fan creates negative pressure, pulling the smoke into the flue system.
  • Dust Removal: Before the smoke is released into the atmosphere, it passes through a dust catcher. The dust catcher removes any particulate matter or impurities present in the smoke, ensuring cleaner emissions.
  • Chimney and Exhaust: The cleaned smoke is then directed to the chimney for release into the atmosphere. The chimney provides a safe and controlled outlet for the smoke, ensuring it disperses properly.

Compared with coal steam boilers, oil fired steam boilers offer several key features that making them a preferred choice for steam generation in various industrial and commercial applications.

Coal Fired Steam Boiler System
chain grate coal steam boiler for sale

4 What Is The Advantage of Coal Steam Boiler?

Coal fired steam boilers are designed for high efficiency, with optimized heat surfaces and burning devices. Our boilers feature a custom furnace design, strong grate design, and optimum dust inertia separation. The EPCB coal boiler’ robust and compact structure ensures easy installation and cost savings. These following advantages combine to deliver reliable and efficient performance in various industrial applications. 

4.1 High Efficiency

EPCB boilers are designed with an optimum heat surface and burning device, resulting in a heat efficiency that is 4% to 5% higher than the national standard. The boilers also feature excellent flue gas speed, which prevents ash deposition and abrasion on the heating surface. This allows the boiler to work at full load without the need for frequent soot-blowing, ensuring long-term high efficiency, and safety.

4.2 Custom Furnace Design

The furnace of EPCB coal-fired steam boilers can be customized based on the different fuel types, improving the burning rate of fuel and eliminating black smoke emissions. The boilers are equipped with independent loops and a specially designed injected circulation system for hot water boilers. The medium speed in the loop of the heat surface exceeds the national standard, enhancing overall performance.

4.3 Strong Grate Design

EPCB coal fired steam boilers are built with a robust and durable grate design. The grates are designed to be big and high-strength, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. Additionally, a rolling device is incorporated into the grate system, enhancing safety measures and reducing the possibility of coal leakage. This rolling device allows for convenient adjustment of the burning process, ensuring optimal combustion efficiency. The strong grate design in EPCB coal-fired steam boilers not only enhances their safety and reliability but also improves their overall operational efficiency.

4.4 Optimum Dust Inertia Separation

EPCB coal-fired steam boilers are equipped with an optimum dust inertia separation system at the furnace outlet. This feature efficiently reduces the concentration of exhaust gases and minimizes abrasion on the rear heat surface. The dust inertia separation mechanism ensures cleaner emissions and helps maintain the longevity of the boiler by preventing excessive wear and tear on the heat surface. By effectively separating and capturing dust particles, the boilers uphold high performance and maintain optimal efficiency throughout their operational lifespan.

4.5 Robust & Compact Structure

The compact structure of EPCB coal-fired steam boilers results in a smaller installation volume compared to other boiler types. This not only shortens the installation period but also lowers the cost of the boiler room.

5 EPCB Coal Fired Steam Boiler Applications

EPCB high-quality and high-performance coal-fired steam boilers have found wide applications across various industries and sectors. These boilers are trusted by industry and trade professionals, energy suppliers, as well as large buildings and public facilities. Some of the key industries that benefit from EPCB coal-fired steam boilers include and not limited to:

  • Paper Industry: Coal-fired steam boilers are utilized in paper mills for various processes, such as pulp production, drying, and paper manufacturing.
  • Food Industry: Coal-fired steam boilers play a crucial role in food processing, providing steam for cooking, sterilization, and other production processes.
  • Chemical Industry: Coal-fired steam boilers are used in chemical plants for applications such as chemical reactions, distillation, and heat transfer.
  • Textile Industry: Coal-fired steam boilers are widely employed in textile mills, providing steam for textile dyeing, bleaching, and fabric production processes.
  • Beverage Industry: Coal-fired steam boilers are utilized in beverage production facilities for processes like brewing, pasteurization, and bottling.

EPCB coal-fired steam boilers offer reliable and efficient steam generation, catering to the specific needs of these industries. The high-quality construction and advanced design of EPCB boilers ensure optimal performance, energy efficiency, and durability.

EPCB understands the diverse requirements of different industries and provides tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. This customization ensures that the coal-fired steam boilers are optimized for the unique demands of each industry, enabling efficient and cost-effective operations.

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