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  • Rated Evaporation Capacity is 1 to 20 t/h
  • Rated Pressure is 0.7~1.6MPa (7~16Bar)
  • Design Efficiency is up to 81~82%
  • Fuel: Biomass Pellet, Wood Chips, Sawdust, Palm Hulls, and more.
  • Competitive Factory Price


Biomass steam boiler, also known as biomass fired steam boiler,  generates steam from water by burning the biomass fuel like wood chip, biomass pellet and more to generate steam from water.  EPCB is the leading biomass steam boiler manufacturers and suppliers with 70+ years of industrial experiences. As the trusted china biomass steam boiler factory, we specialize in professional consultant, design, fabricate and installation of complete biomass fuel boiler systems, from the biomass handling system to exhaust gas emission mitigation. We wholesale biomass steam boiler with rated evaporation capacity ranging from 1 to 20 tons per hour and a rated pressure ranging from 0.7 to 1.6 MPa or 10 to 16Bar.

EPCB biomass fired steam boilers are captured the large marekt share in both the domestic and Asian biomass boiler market with high quality, ensured reliability, and best performance under ASME Standard. There are over 1600+ sets of EPCB biomass boilers running around the world. Our complete liner of EPCB biomass  boiler products and solutions can satisfy your requirements by our solid technologies and professional staffs.

1 What Is Biomass Steam Boiler?

Biomass steam boiler, also known as biomass fired steam boiler, adopts chain grate and uses biomass fuel like biomass pellet, wood chips, sawdust, palm hulls, oat hulls, rice husks, sunflower seed hulls, coconut hulls and more as the fuel to generate steam from water. 

Biomass boilers are gaining popularity among commercial and industrial factories due to their sustainable and cost-effective approach to heat and hot water production. As one of the largest biomass steam boiler manufacturers in China, EPCB integrates cutting-edge technology to develop automatic systems that efficiently manage the entire working process of biomass boilers, including emissions control, air control, and ash removal. EPCB specializes in the design and fabrication of biomass steam boilers in various specifications, capacities, and configurations.

EPCB biomass steam boilers are engineered with single or double drums and feature natural circulation, an “O” shaped arrangement, and the use of a chain grate. The furnace, located at the front of the biomass steam boiler, is the rising flue duct, with its four walls covered by membrane wall tubes. The rear of the boiler is equipped with a convection bank, and the economizer is arranged outside the biomass-fired boiler.

With over 70 years of experience and expertise, EPCB is committed to being a leader in the development and research of intelligent energy management technology. They provide sustainable biomass boiler system solutions, offering highly efficient renewable solid biomass energy solutions. EPCB leverages its extensive experience to deliver reliable and innovative biomass steam boilers that meet the growing demand for sustainable heating solutions in various industries. By continuously striving for excellence, EPCB aims to contribute to the advancement of renewable energy systems and provide customers with efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

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2 Specifications of EPCB Biomass Steam Boiler

Item/TypeSingle Drum Chain Grate Coal Fired Steam Boiler
Rated Capacity t/h1246810121520
Rated Steam Pressure MPa0.7/1.250.7/1.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.61.25/1.6
Rated Steam Temperature ℃170/194170/194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204194/204
Feed water temperature ℃20        
Boiler thermal efficiency %
Body heating area m223.0 48.7 96.3 148.2 174.4 226.2 276.0 374.5 669.0 
Biomass Consumption(kg/h) 147.1 286.5 502.6 752.0 1002.7 1247.3 1496.8 1866.5 2488.7 
Boiler Size(mm)Length460058006700700073007600760085009500
Boiler Weight  (Ton)182230.14021/1423/1723/1921/2425/24

3 How Does A Biomass Steam Boiler Work?

EPCB biomass boiler system utilizes a reciprocating grate design, which is divided into the upper body and lower combustion equipment. The system consists of three main components: Fuel Supply and Combustion, Heat Transfer, and Steam Generation. This integrated design ensures efficient and effective steam generation by optimizing the fuel supply, combustion process, heat transfer, and overall system performance.

3.1 Fuel Supply and Combustion

In the EPCB biomass boiler system, the fuel supply and combustion process play a crucial role. Organic materials like wood chips, bagasse, straw, palm husk, rice husk, and others are supplied to the grate stoker from the biofuel scuttle. The grate stoker ensures an even distribution of biofuel across the grate surface.

Once on the grate stoker, the biofuel is ignited, initiating the combustion process. The burning biofuel generates high-temperature smoke and gases, which are essential for heat generation and steam production in the boiler. The efficient fuel supply and combustion mechanism contribute to the overall effectiveness of the EPCB biomass boiler system.

3.2 Heat Transfer and Steam Generation

Within the EPCB biomass boiler system, the high-temperature smoke and gases generated during combustion pass through four pass fire tubes and water tubes. This arrangement enables efficient heat transfer from the smoke to the boiler water. As the smoke flows through the tubes, the heat energy is absorbed by the water, causing an increase in its temperature.

The heated water within the boiler eventually reaches its boiling point, resulting in the generation of steam. This steam collects in the steam drum, where it accumulates until it is ready for utilization in various processes or applications.

3.3 Flue Gas Outlet and Dust Removal

After transferring their heat energy to the water, the smoke and gases exit the boiler through the induced draft fan. This fan creates negative pressure, which effectively pulls the smoke into the flue system.

Before the smoke is released into the atmosphere, it undergoes a final treatment. The smoke passes through a dust catcher, which is responsible for removing any particulate matter or impurities present in the smoke. This process ensures that the emissions are cleaner and that the environmental impact is minimized.

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4 What Is The Advantage of Biomass Boiler?

EPCB biomass steam boilers offer compactness, high thermal efficiency, integrated control systems, separate air chambers, sufficient burning, and sustainable operations. These advantages make them an attractive option for those seeking efficient and environmentally friendly heating solutions.

4.1 Compact Structure

EPCB biomass steam boiler is engineered with a strong and compact structure, ensuring simplicity and clarity in hot water circulation. The compact design of the biomass boiler allows for a small footprint, providing advantages such as space efficiency, an appealing appearance, and reduced investment requirements. The compact structure not only optimizes the use of available space but also enhances the overall functionality and efficiency of the biomass steam boiler. With its compact design, the EPCB biomass steam boiler offers a practical and cost-effective solution for heat and hot water generation in various applications.

4.2 Easy To Operate

The biomass steam boiler offered by EPCB is designed to be easy to operate, providing a user-friendly experience. The biomass steam boiler has a sufficient output capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and fuel types. Whether using biomass pellets, wood chips, sawdust, or other organic materials, the boiler can accommodate various fuel sources, providing versatility and flexibility. The ease of operation of the biomass steam boiler simplifies the management and control of the system, making it accessible to operators with different levels of experience. This user-friendly design enhances the overall efficiency and convenience of the biomass steam boiler, ensuring reliable and efficient heat and hot water production.

4.3 Integrated Control System

The biomass steam boiler by EPCB incorporates an advanced and integrated control system to ensure safe and efficient operation. The smart control system provides interlock protection for functions like water supply, fuel feeding, grate running, slag removal, FD and ID control, overpressure control, and water level control. It includes thermal monitoring instruments and an electronic control operating floor for precise monitoring and control. Automatic operation of functions such as fan start-up and grate speed adjustment ensures efficient combustion and stability.
Safety features like overpressure alarms and automatic water level adjustment provide additional protection for safe and reliable boiler operation. The integrated control system improves operational efficiency, reduces accident risks, and simplifies boiler management and maintenance. With its advanced control capabilities, the biomass steam boiler achieves consistent performance while prioritizing safety and reliability.

4.4 Optimum Construction

EPCB biomass steam boiler is designed with an optimum system construction to maximize performance and fuel adaptability. The front and rear arches are arranged in a manner that forms a strong radiation arch, enhancing combustion and enabling efficient adaptation to different biomass fuels. The boiler features a light chain grate with a speed adjustment device, allowing for precise control over the combustion process and maximizing efficiency.
The furnace is specifically designed to accommodate the combustion characteristics of biomass fuels, with membrane walls surrounding a high furnace design. This arrangement ensures complete fuel combustion, minimizing fly ash loss, and improving radiant heating capacity. The rational arrangement of the arches further enhances combustion efficiency and heat transfer. Overall, the optimum system construction of the biomass steam boiler leads to higher efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, and improved environmental performance.

4.5 High Heating Efficiency

The biomass steam boiler provided by EPCB is designed with a focus on achieving high heating efficiency. The boiler incorporates an ample heating surface arrangement that results in a reasonable flue gas temperature, optimizing heat transfer and enhancing thermal efficiency.

The design of the boiler includes a sufficient heating surface area, enabling effective heat exchange between the flue gases and water. This maximizes the transfer of heat energy and overall boiler efficiency. The convection heating surface exhibits high heat transfer efficiency, allowing the boiler to reach its rated output capacity and even handle a 10% overload capacity. This ensures flexibility and reliability in meeting heating demands.

The biomass steam boiler promotes water conservation. By utilizing biomass fuels, it reduces reliance on water-intensive cooling processes typically associated with traditional fossil fuel-based heating systems. This leads to a significant reduction in water usage within facilities, promoting sustainable and efficient operations.

4.6 Sustainable Operation

Integrating sustainability into manufacturing is vital for ensuring sustainable operations. This involves adopting eco-friendly practices like using biomass boilers. Establishing performance metrics and benchmarking programs help quantify sustainability efforts. Implementing environmental management systems, such as ISO 14001, aids in identifying and managing environmental impacts. Prioritizing efficiency minimizes waste and ene

5 EPCB Coal Steam Boiler Applications

EPCB biomass steam boilers are extensively used in various industries such as food plants, chemical plants, textile printing and dyeing plants, plastic product factories, pharmaceutical factories, rubber processing plants, petroleum industry, building materials industry, and more.

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