After Sale Boiler Service

After sales service is a crucial aspect of the boiler industry and an important part of communication and growth between EPCB Boiler and customers. After sales service ensure the smooth operation, maintenance, and support of boiler systems after they are installed. Here are some key components of after-sales service.

1. Boiler Installation Service

EPCB Boiler collaborates with local professional installation teams to provide comprehensive boiler installation services to customers. During the installation process, we develop detailed installation plans based on the site conditions. We assist customers in controlling the foundation construction and personnel deployment during the installation. We strictly adhere to relevant standards and regulations to ensure that the boiler equipment is installed in the most suitable location. After the installation is completed, we also provide boiler system commissioning and inspection services to ensure its proper functioning.

You have the option to choose your own installation team based on your specific needs. In such cases, EPCB Boiler offers professional installation guidance services, including on-site and online guidance, to assist you in supervision and acceptance.

2. Boiler Repair Service

EPCB Boiler provides prompt and professional repair services to address various faults and issues that customers may encounter during the operation of their boilers. In cases where repair or maintenance is required, EPCB Boiler offers on-site and online troubleshooting services to assist customers in resolving technical problems and ensuring the stability and reliability of the boiler system.

Our dedicated team of technicians has extensive experience and expertise, allowing them to quickly and accurately diagnose issues and take effective measures for repairs. Whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency troubleshooting, we strive to deliver high-quality repair services to ensure the stable operation of the boiler system.

Boiler Installation Service
Boiler Installation Service
Boiler Repair Service
Boiler Repair Service

3. Boiler Parts Supply Service

EPCB Boiler offers comprehensive parts supply services, including original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and alternative parts. Customers can directly purchase the required parts from our company, ensuring their quality and compatibility. We collaborate with several reputable suppliers and can provide a wide range of components and models at competitive prices, along with installation and debugging services, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

4. Boiler Maintenance and Diagnostic Service

In order to extend the lifespan of the boiler system and ensure its efficient operation, EPCB Boiler provides regular maintenance and diagnostic services. Our team conducts regular inspections, diagnostics, and maintenance of the boiler system to detect issues in advance and troubleshoot problems, ensuring that the boiler system is in optimal operating condition. Regular maintenance also includes evaluating and optimizing system performance to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Industrail Boiler Training Servic
Boiler Training Servic
Remote Online Support
Remote Online Support

5. Boiler Training Service

EPCB Boiler provides boiler usage training services to customers, covering topics such as operating procedures, safety precautions, and troubleshooting common issues. Our aim is to ensure that customers can operate the boiler system correctly and safely. We have long-term collaborations with local boiler inspection agencies to offer more comprehensive and professional training and services. This helps customers gain a better understanding of boiler operation and maintenance, ensuring the safe and long-term stable operation of the boiler system.

6. Remote Online Support

EPCB Boiler provides remote online technical support to customers, offering timely and effective assistance through phone calls, emails, video calls, and other communication channels to address various usage and maintenance issues.

We have established a 24-hour service hotline to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have during the operation of their boilers. Our goal is to protect and serve the best interests of our customers. The response time for remote online support is typically within 2-4 hours, ensuring prompt assistance whenever it is needed.

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