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Turn Key Custom Industrial Steam Boiler Solution

Qingdao East Power Industry Equipment Co,. Ltd. (EPCB Boiler) is the world’s most trusted industrial steam boiler manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in delivering turn key industrial boiler solution from consultant, custom design, R&D, on demand manufacturing, accessory sourcing, installation and to after sale service as your demands. Our most reliable and efficient industrial boilers are specially designed anfd manufactured for paper, food, chemical, textile, beverage industry and heating system.

Since its foundation in 1953, over 70+ years of innovation and development, EPCB Boiler has grown into one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Our custom steam boiler solutions cover oil fired steam boiler, gas steam boiler,  coal fired steam boiler, biomass steam boiler,  industrial electric steam boiler, and more. We work passionately with our customers for excellent industrial boiler products, solutions and services through our experience and expertise.

Our skilled experts, advanced technologies and strong on demand manufacturing abilities, professional installation and after sale services help us to deliver an extensive range of industrial boilers and services faster and easier. Whether you’re looking for custom made industrial steam boilers, realted equipment or boiler parts, we have what you want. Instant quotes and responds in hours, quality industrial boiler solution delivery within 3 months.  

Oil fired steam boiler is the types of industrial steam boilers that utilizes oil as a fuel source to generate steam. EPCB custom oil steam boilers are commonly used for various industrial applications including food, paper, textile, pharmaceutical and brewing and power generation industries.

Gas fired steam boiler is the high efficient steam boiler that uses natural gas or propane to generate steam. EPCB custom gas steam boiler features unique design, safety, reliability, efficiency and compact structure, making it the most efficient industrial boilers on the market.

Biomass steam boiler is specially deigned to utilize biomass as its fuel source to generate steam. EPCB custom biomass fired steam boiler has efficient multi-fuel designs with various configurations suitable to various biomass fuels. It is the best options for your specific industrial applications.

Coal fired steam boiler is the most common types of steam boiler using pulverized coal its fuel to generate thermal energy for various industrial applications. The design heat efficiency of EPCB custom coal steam boiler is up to 81~82%. It is widely sold in domestic and worldwide market.

Electric steam boiler is the types of steam boiler that uses electricity to heat water and produce steam for industrial processes. As the one of the largest electric steam boiler manufacturers in China, EPCB custom industrial electric steam boiler features highly efficient and smart boiler control.

EPCB offers a wide range of industrial boiler equipment including boiler feed pump, boiler fan, boiler burner, boiler grate, boiler chimney, boiler economizer, steam distributor, boiler control box, instrument valves, boiler deaerator, boiler dust collector, conveyor fuel feeder as the integral solution. 

What We Can Do For You

Expertise Design And Consultation

Boiler design and consultation services are crucial for the successful implementation of boiler systems. These services involve the expertise of professionals who can analyze your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions.  Our design team with years of  expertise and experiences who can offer boiler product and system design, boiler and equipment selection, energy saving and environmental protection solution, energy efficiency and cost analysis, and more.

Strong On Demand Manufacturing And Delivery

Boiler design and consultation services are crucial for the successful implementation of boiler systems. These services involve the expertise of professionals who can analyze your specific requirements and provide tailored solutions.  Our design team with years of  expertise and experiences who can offer boiler product and system design, boiler and equipment selection, energy saving and environmental protection solution, energy efficiency and cost analysis, and more.

Excellent After Sale Service

After sales service is a crucial aspect of the boiler industry and an important part of communication and growth between EPCB Boiler and customers. After sales service ensure the smooth operation, maintenance, and support of boiler systems after they are installed. Here are some key components of after-sales service. We offer such services as boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler parts supply, boiler system maintenance and diagnostic, boiler training service and remote online support.

OEM Equipment And Parts Supply

Boiler equipment and parts are key to maintaining optimal operational efficiency of boiler systems. The supply range of OEM equipment and boiler parts is extensive, encompassing various essential equipment and components including and control systems, boiler burners, boiler pumps, water treatment equipment, cast iron parts, boiler grates, feeders, pressure components, materials, refractory castables, boiler Instruments, pressure gauge, thermometer, level gauge, valves, fittings and pipes.

ISO9001 Approved Steam Boiler Manufacturer And Supplier

EPCB Boiler offers complete line of industrial steam boilers, matched equipment, related parts and profssional boiler service to ensure your steam demand efficiently and effectively. 

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified industrial boiler manufacturer and supplier, EPCB Boiler strictly implements the ISO standards from consultant, custom design, fabrication, installation to service consistently for high quality industrial boiler products with our 70+ years of experience. 

EPCB has its own boiler manufacturing factory located in Qingdao, China. There are 200+ experts and skilled employees working in 200,000+ square meters’ factory which is equipped with CAD/CAM/CAE software, fiber laser cutter, CNC bending machine, automatic boiler welding lines, and more. Our team is real wealth and competence for profession, dedication and devotion. We ensure every industrial boiler meets your desired specifications with our professional team, cutting-edge technology, advanced production line and quality control system.

Quality Industrial Boiler Ensured By 70+ Years of Expertise And Experiences

How To Make To Make Quality Custom Boiler

1. Raw Material Selection

EPCB Boiler employs a professional inspection team to carefully choose raw materials. They compare and select three of the top 20 boiler-specific raw material suppliers worldwide and conduct sampling inspections on batches of steel plates. High-quality raw materials are essential for ensuring the safety and stability of the boilers.

2. Chemical Laboratory Analysis

Random samples are collected from incoming raw materials and clearly labeled for traceability. These samples undergo a series of chemical laboratory analyses, including elemental content analysis and compound composition analysis, to ensure they meet the requirements for product manufacturing.

3. Mechanical Performance Testing

The raw material samples undergo a series of mechanical performance tests, including tensile testing, compression testing, and bending testing, to ensure that the material’s strength, hardness, and other mechanical properties meet the requirements for product manufacturing.

4. Cutting and Machining

High-energy plasma beams are used to cut the boiler components, which offers efficiency and precision while minimizing deformation and the heat-affected zone. This approach saves energy and materials, providing important guarantees for the quality and production efficiency of boiler products.

5. Plate Bending

Universal bending machines are used for efficient and precise bending of boiler pipes and components. This helps ensure the quality and process accuracy of boiler components, enhancing the reliability and stability of the boilers.

6. Welding and Manufacturing

Advanced welding techniques and control systems are employed to ensure the quality and consistency of welds during the welding process. This improves the overall welding quality and production efficiency, enabling the realization of customized requirements and providing crucial quality assurance for the boilers.

7. X-ray Inspection

X-ray inspection is conducted to promptly detect and eliminate hidden defects in boiler pipes and components, ensuring product quality and safety. X-ray inspection confirms that every weld in EPCB boilers is 100% qualified.

8. Hydraulic Pressure Test

Before leaving the factory, EPCB conducts a final inspection by subjecting the boilers to a pressure test at 1.5 times their rated pressure or higher (0.4 MPa above it). Special tests can also be conducted based on local policy requirements to ensure compliance before the boilers are shipped.

9. Boiler Warehouse

EPCB maintains a stock workshop with a certain inventory of finished and semi-finished products, allowing them to respond to order changes and fluctuations in market demand. This ensures readiness to meet urgent customer needs and improves production efficiency.

10. Inspection and Delivery

Every boiler that leaves EPCB undergoes SGS inspection, meeting customer requirements for product quality and safety. This enhances the compliance and marketability of the products, fostering customer trust and satisfaction.

11. Packaging and Transportation

EPCB employs meticulous external packaging design for boiler systems to protect the products from damage during transportation. This facilitates boiler transportation and handling while reducing after-sales costs. Proper planning of transportation routes, selection of appropriate transportation methods, and implementation of effective protective measures ensure that the boilers remain undamaged during the transportation process, reaching their destination safely and meeting customer needs and expectations.

Why Choose EPCB Boiler

With 70+ years of desiging and manufacturing experience, EPCB Boiler offers the best solutions for all your industrial steam boiler needs. Whether you’re looking for custom made industrial steam boilers, realted equipment or boiler parts, we supply what you want. 

Turn Key Solution

Turn Key Custom Industrial Steam Boiler solutions. 70+ Years Experiences

Premium Quality

Real Factory, Advance Equipment, Lean Production, Ensured Quality. Over 200 Experts

Excellent Service

EPC Consultation, Custom Design & Farbrication, Onsite Installation. For 1200+ Sets/Year

Fast Delivery

Efficient Supply Chain, Just in Time Production, Safty Package. To 80+ Countries

What Our Customers Say About Us

 A customer’s words have a more substantial impact than a what we claims. We have hundreds of industrial boiler customers and here are some reviews they left for us. 

We are a world-renowned enterprise mainly producing protein powder and chondroitin. When purchasing boiler equipment for the factory, we chose a 15T coal-fired boiler produced by EPCB Boiler.

Since the introduction of EPCB boiler, our company’s production process has become more efficient and smoother. The boiler has a high degree of automation, easy operation and excellent equipment reliability.

The most surprising thing is that the fuel combustion efficiency of the EPCB boiler is extremely high. We can save more than 2,000 US dollars in fuel costs every day, which is a great benefit to our business’s economic benefits.

Thanks for prioritizing customer satisfaction.

By Sino Siam From Thailand

EPCB Boiler provides a complete professional boiler system for our instant noodle production line and performs well during production, delivery, installation and commissioning.

The high-quality and stable steam from the boiler greatly reduces bad noodles, and the energy-saving system reduces gas costs, improves competitiveness, and wins orders. 

Therefore, when we once again chose boilers for our mineral water and milk production lines, we still chose EPCB boilers because EPCB’s professionalism, efficiency and reliability have earned us a good reputation in the food industry.

We will work closely together to achieve more success.

By Vadm Mekov From Uzbekistan

Five years have passed since we introduced a 12-ton coal-fired boiler at EPCB Boiler. During this time, the boiler has performed extremely well, providing reliable and efficient energy support for our production.

The operation of the boiler was stable with few failures. Its high thermal efficiency not only saves a lot of fuel costs, but also brings significant economic benefits to our production process.

In addition, the after-sales service provided by EPCB is also satisfactory. Your team always responded in a timely manner, solved all the problems we encountered during use, and helped us solve our problems.

Thanks to the EPCB boiler team for providing us with such an excellent energy solution.

By Wessem From Pakistan

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